Friday, July 27, 2018

High Five for Friday (7.27.18)

High five that my 11-year-old didn't break his cheek when his face collided with the hardest part of his five-year-old cousin's head! (Thankfully and interestingly, Carter suffered no injuries in the impact that caused Will's face to swell up like he'd hidden a plum beneath the surface of the skin.)

Hallie loved meeting Dusty and Cooper, two members of the Mounted Madison police force, at their ice cream shop profit share. We would have enjoyed the ice cream treat that followed interacting with the horses regardless, but knowing we had supported these beautiful animals and their quest to make Madison a safer place to live made the evening even better.

My girl finally got up on water skis! It took multiple attempts (some of which ended in tears), but those attempts made her eventual success even more sweet. She frequently backs down or away from challenges because she fears failure, so her willingness to try - and keep trying, even after literally and figuratively falling - something scary and hard made me extraordinarily proud.

Will also skied, and Will and Hallie tubed like crazy people together. Carter rode the ski trainer, but was only willing to go as Will could swim. He literally gave Will the universal "slow down" sign that skiers use while Will was pulling him - using only elementary backstroke legs - through the lake. Speed demon he is not.

Warming up on the ski trainer.
Miss Christi, this one's for you.
"Don't go too fast, Will!"
My 68yo rockstar dad showing us all up.

I get my awesome packing skills from my dad.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! Today the kids and I fly back to Texas after spending three-and-a-half weeks with family in Wisconsin and Illinois. We can't wait to see Tom, Tux, and all of our friends!

The "closest" Tom and I have been since he and Will went back to Texas 17 days ago.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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