Friday, July 20, 2018

High Five for Friday (7.20.18)

Though we missed our boys, Hallie and I had a great week in Madison with my parents. I adore spending time with Hallie on her own, listening to her open up to her grandparents when she has them all to herself, and watching her lose track of the world around her as she quietly reads, swings, and plays all alone.

Highlights from our week include watching Grandpa play his ukulele at a local coffee shop, eating dinner on the Terrace at the UW Union, walking to the Chocolate Shoppe for ice cream, trying our first "burgrito" (burger + burrito = AMAZING), learning a new card and dice game, shopping at the Farmers Market, going water "skiing" on Lake Mendota, getting a pedicure, bird watching, and reading Archie comic books.
Sitting on the steps to the basement of the coffee house (it
was packed - standing room only) listening to Grandpa play. 
Gramps is on the right in the black Hawaiian shirt.
Visiting a nearby neighborhood's giant buffalo. (?)
Playing in one of the UW fountains after jumping
in Lake Mendota. Wait, you mean you don't walk
around downtown in your 4th of July swimsuit?
Saying hello to one of the UW campus'
many unique Bucky Badger statues. 
A stop on State Street with the
Wisconsin State Capitol in the distance.
The mother ship is calling me home...
Showing off her entry in Burgrito's weekly
drawing contest: it's a pot of gold (hamburger)
at the end of the rainbow (burrito).
Sunday afternoon on Lake Mendota.
Water "skiing".
She would literally go for hours if we'd let her.
Narwhal = the unicorn of the sea.
She's read that comic book at least six times. Who knew
she'd find Archie, Betty, and Veronica so interesting!
Hallie loved every minute of her pedicure.
And now we have pretty toes.
For someone who doesn't love birds, I found
watching the mom and dad birds bring food to
the baby birds surprisingly fascinating.
Summer Love 😍

Tom and Will (at least from what they shared with me) crushed their week at home alone, just the two of them. They made it to every appointment, activity, and event on the lengthy schedule I assembled for them, and Will even blended in among the college students (and apparently asked insightful questions) at one of Tom's talks. They cooked a few of their own meals (?!) and managed to coordinate - thanks to friends of mine - a playdate to Altitude. Not too shabby!
I LOVE that Will is willing to take on anyone across the chess board.
A round of disc golf in celebration of Tom's birthday.
Snuggling with Tux.
Tom cooked dinner multiple times!
Warming up to play goalie. 😬
Demonstrating his new Safe Sitter skills.
College Station's newest Safe Sitters!
Friends at Altitude!

Talk about a fantastic World Cup! The USA men's team may not have made the tournament, but the excitement surrounding group play games all the way through last Sunday's final match undoubtedly had a positive impact on soccer in the United States.

Will's back! After spending nine days back in College Station with Tom (he had two mandatory allergist appointments during that window), Will flew back to himself. This was our first experience with "unaccompanied minor" flying, and thankfully we all made it through!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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