Friday, July 6, 2018

A Real American Ninja Warrior

Four years ago I wrote a post about then seven-year-old Will's obsession with American Ninja Warrior. He spent the summer of 2014 mentally and physically preparing to someday compete in the televised athletic competition, and while he didn't quite reach Ninja Warrior status, he did gain strength and stamina and confidence and an appreciation for how difficult it must be to take on a real American Ninja Warrior course.

Sorry, Clint - this is the best picture my
mom could find of the two of us.
Well, now we have an even better idea about and greater appreciation for just how hard Will will have to train if he wants to succeed on American Ninja Warrior.

My cousin Clint (seen at the right - he was four and I was about 10), as part of his job as an editor with Men's Health Magazine, attempted to become an American Ninja Warrior in one month. The article he wrote about his experience is here, and the video diary - which includes his actual attempt at the course - is here. (I can't embed the video as Men's Health hasn't yet made it available on their YouTube channel.) Our entire family - but especially aspiring American Ninja Warrior Will - couldn't be prouder.

Clint Carter takes on this kind of challenge regularly. For your viewing pleasure, visit these links to check out the time he tried to learn BMX trick riding in five days, the time he tried to learn a double back flip ski jump in five days, and the time he tried to learn to slackline (basically tightrope walking) in five days. He and I are VERY different kinds of writers... 😂

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