Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wayback Wednesday: 2011 Factory Settings

A couple of weeks ago and right at the peak of my first summer slump, my phone managed to reset itself to its 2011 factory settings. Strangely enough, the drastic update (downdate?) saved all of my apps, but my log-ins/passwords, text messages, photos, and videos reverted back to what had been on my phone - or whatever phone I actually had, since my current phone is only a year old - seven years ago.

While definitely a first world problem, this phone meltdown led to a near "Erin meltdown". Thankfully, my technologically-savvy husband managed to reset my phone again and when all was said and done I only lost about 16 hours worth of photos and text messages.

The silver lining here is that when my phone reset for the second time and back to its 2018 settings, it kept many of the 2011 photos and videos that had reappeared with the first reset. So here are my favorites - a Wayback Wednesday courtesy of an (almost) phone catastrophe.

For those of you who didn't know her then and hard as it might be to believe, Hallie was born with a full head of dark hair. Shortly after birth her dark hair fell out and she grew a crop of light brown hair, and then at some point around 13 months old, her light brown hair turned white blond seemingly overnight.
Dark hair at birth.
No hair at one month.
Light brown hair at 10 months.
White blond hair at 14 months.

It's amazing to see how far camera phones - and the teeny tiny kiddos they captured in action - have come in the last 10 years... 
Hallie's first ponytail. And not to be left out, Will
wanted his hair in his first ponytail that day as well.
We have SO many versions of this photo and I cherish every one.
"Look, Mama! I'm supposed to be sleeping
but instead I'm going to show you that I can
pull my pajama pants up to my armpits!"  
This was taken the morning that Hallie was born.
On occasion they didn't fight while riding together in the stroller.
A moment later she slapped him across the face, apparently to wake him
up. We had to talk about more effective methods of achieving that goal.
Will earned his first scooter for "making forward
progress" in the water while learning to swim.
Those curls!
I miss this little boy...
...and this little girl.
"I pay (play) all da (the) notes."
Her first cowboy hat upon arriving in Texas.
This candid pic ended up serving as an Red Cross promotional
photo for quite a few years (I used to work for the organization).
Sweet babies on a (divided loyalty) game day.

Happy Wayback Wednesday, friends!

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