Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Must You Toy With My (Weather) Emotions?

I've decided to allow myself one (maybe two - we'll see) "woe is me" posts about the weather each year...and you can find my 2016 weather gripe-fest below. Thanks for allowing me to work out my seasonal frustrations via Chasing Roots!

The majority of the country has begun settling in for fall. Pleasant temperatures during the day, cooler temperatures at night, changing leaves, warmer beverages, and even jeans and boots - oh, sweet jeans and boots - have all made appearances.

Here in Texas, however, summer maintains its stronghold on our lives. Because of our sweltering temperatures, I often shower three times a day* and apply deodorant at least that many times, if not more. Because of the humidity, my hair looks like a dirty blonde Cruella Deville wig one minute and slightly damp straw the next. My make up starts to run the moment I step outside. The oppressive heat makes Will, Hallie, and I so grumpy that we gripe at each other for the 15 minutes it takes to cool off once we arrive home after school. Perhaps worst of all, I can't enjoy warm beverages or wear our boots and jeans.

My desperation for fall has reached its peak - as it always does at this point in the summer - and as a result, I obsessively check the weather app on my phone multiple times a day. Not because I want to know the temperature outside, but because I am watching for that moment when the weather app adds a day to the 10-day forecast. You see, a new day added to the forecast means a new chance for a predicted "cold" front.

Usually the 10th day pops up and shows another lengthy stretch of highs in the mid-90s, 95% humidity, and sunny skies. But occasionally, the 10th day pops up and shows a dramatic decrease in temperature. I rejoice, and then give myself a pep talk: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can hang on for just 10 more days".

The problem is that the forecast is, sadly, wrong 99% of the time. When I return to my phone the following morning, that 10th day has become the 9th day and somehow once again shows summer weather. Why, weather folk, can't you just tell me the truth?! Why must you toy with my emotions?!

If you need me between now and November, you can find me alternating between showering and sitting underneath an air conditioning vent, repeatedly refreshing my weather app and longing for a tiny taste of fall.

* At this time of year I always shower at least twice daily - once after I work out and once before I go to bed - but I also often have to add that third shower after walking to pick up my kids from school in the middle of the afternoon. Ridiculous, right? (Don't worry - I keep them short and sweet so to not waste water.) 

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