Friday, September 23, 2016

High Five for Friday (9.23.16)

1. Back in July (while the kids and I were in Wisconsin), Tom discovered that our refrigerator had been leaking into the outside wall behind the refrigerator, into the shared wall between the kitchen and the office, and under the wood floors in the office. Tom did all of the clean up, but we hired a local company to fix the drywall and sheetrock and replace the floors.

Long story short...the flooring company put in the wrong - as in a completely different color of - floor. Tom left to join us in Wisconsin the same day the floor went in, so it wasn't until we returned from vacation that we walked into the office and discovered this disaster.

Another long story short...after nearly two months, the correct floor has been installed, the bill has been settled, and I can breathe a sigh of relief.

2. The fundraiser I mentioned in last Friday's post went off not without hiccups, but for the most part smoothly. We met all of our goals, the kids had a blast during their fun runs, and our fourth graders - after working together and putting in an incredible amount of effort - earned our school's first-ever color run. Win, win, win.
Grace, Hallie, and Brandon the Brave, who
spent the morning duct-taped to the flagpole.
There she goes!
Sweet second graders after their fun run.
Fabulous fourth graders getting ready for their color run!
Fully colored and completely sweaty.
Getting (some of) the color blown off by our
principal before heading back inside the school.
Me and my boy.
Will with Grandma and Grandpa.
Will was extremely proud of his hair.
We may have gotten caught up in the color running ourselves... 
When these kiddos came out of school last Friday
afternoon they were hot, sweaty, exhausted, and SO happy.
3. My newly-retired parents spent a few days with us this last week. They arrived in time to see both Will and Hallie run on Friday, went with us to Will's soccer game in Houston and a friend's birthday party on Saturday, and between Sunday and Wednesday they saw two dance classes, watched two soccer practices, and helped me makeover our family room. (Pics to come in a future post.) We had a busy - but great - week!

Ok, ok...a couple of makeover teasers:

4. Tom's been in Washington D.C. all week for a conference but he returns home tonight...just in time to watch Hallie dance at a high school football game, and divide and conquer an out-of-town soccer game and nutcracker rehearsal with me. No rest for the weary...

5. Between Boosterthon, my parents visiting, and the family room makeover, I haven't yet had time to pull out all of my Halloween decorations. I did, however, find a few minutes to put up Halloween banners on the kids' bedroom doors; orange "tutu" pumpkins for Hallie and orange and black pompoms for Will. Just looking at these pictures makes me giddy for fall!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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