Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weeping Wednesday

Over the course of the last two weeks the internet and Facebook have joined forces on a mission to make me cry. Not from sadness necessarily, but from laughter or overwhelming joy, pride, or faith in humanity. I've shared these powerfully moving and/or sidesplittingly hilarious videos and articles below in hopes they help you make it over today's hump.
It's possible she inherited her propensity for tears from me...
Paralympian Lex Gillette took home a silver medal in the long jump. Check out this video in which he explains how he navigates the track and pit without the use of his eyes.

Also from the Paralympics, don't miss this story about the FOUR olympians who ran the 1,500 meters faster than the able-bodied athlete who took home gold just last month. And no, they weren't wearing bionic prosthetic legs...they are blind.

A Target cashier documented all of his notable customer interactions - of which there were many - during his first week of employment. I love Target even more after reading this compilation.

This conversation between Woody and Dory will, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

This Amazon Prime commercial gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Will and Hallie run to turn off the television when it comes on because they don't want me to fall apart over breakfast again.

I posted a link to this commercial a few years ago, but when it came across my Facebook feed last Sunday it impacted me as much - if not more - as it did the first time I watched it shortly after 9/11.

On a related note, the story of The Man in the Red Bandana.

"For the first time, women hold all of the top student leadership positions at TAMU!"

These tweets and memes about marriage led to me crying - because I was laughing so hard - for 20 minutes straight. #21 and #22 are my favorites, and perfectly describe married life at the Ferris house.

For young adults who have experienced homeless and/or the foster care system, move-in day at their colleges or universities just became much more meaningful.

And last but certainly not least...I had tears of laughter streaming down my face as I watched this woman perfectly nail the "man cold".

Happy Hump Day!

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