Monday, August 1, 2016

"We Invited Peace, and She Appeared"

I initially stumbled upon Madison's Peace Park - a small, urban gathering space tucked away between shops and restaurants and apartments - as I walked down State Street four summers ago. While the kids played in and around the water fountain, I read and photographed the many engraved quotes that reflected the park's name and sentiment.

I happened upon Peace Park just as accidentally this summer, and I once again took a few minutes - this time while the kids played with a puppy who happened to be toddling through on the very first leash walk of his life - to read and photograph the park's messages of peace and hope.

"My wish for each of you is that the peace and freedom we have all worked so earnestly to achieve will indeed find reality with human beings loving and cherishing each other the world over."     ~ Elizabeth Feldman Link

At this moment in time, more so than at any other moment in my entire life and for both obvious and less articulable reasons, this wish is my wish.

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