Friday, August 19, 2016

High Five for Friday (8.19.16)

1. This boy has had the same haircut for the last six or so years, but this summer he decided he wanted something a little hipper and older. He now looks even hipper - and almost troublingly older - than he looked before...just in time for his last year (GASP!) of elementary school.

2. Last week Tom graduated his first two PhD students as an Assistant Professor and submitted his tenure package to TAMU. Fingers crossed, folks!

3. Speaking of graduation, a friend of mine who moved away a little over a year ago came back to town for her husband to receive his PhD. Our visit lasted only an hour and a half, but at least we had an opportunity to catch up over lunch!

4. Meet the Teacher/Back to School Nights are done! The kids know which teachers they have for fourth and second grade, bags of school supplies have been delivered to classrooms, and my fellow PTO Board members and I have done our best to recruit parents to join us on our quest to make our kiddos' elementary school the best it can be. Here we go!

5. Happiness Highlights:
She may be miserable in this picture (it was 104 degrees
outside and we were sitting through the first half of Will's
soccer practice), but I adore her style. I bet Elsa would have
 been a happier princess it she too had worn high top sneakers.
I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I found Tux - alone and
seemingly defeated - in Hallie's doll stroller. I think he'll enjoy the
peace and quiet that comes with the kids heading back to school.
We bought a new couch for our playroom!
(You know, to replace the pooped and peed on beanbag chair.) 
We also found a coffee table, but we haven't purchased it yet. We're
waiting on the couch to arrive so we can determine - using the only
"measuring" tool we had with us - how they'll work together in the room. 
These two friends are back to passing the time - with homework,
reading, Pokemon, and iPad games - while their little sisters dance.
Speaking of dance, Mini Company started this week! These kiddos were
thrilled to get their new gear, and I must admit...I was a little excited myself.
Last but not least, my Lily
started kindergarten this week! 

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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