Friday, July 29, 2016

High Five for Friday (7.29.16)

1. Madison has an excellent miniature golf course, complete with life-size animals, rivers, rock walls, slides, and zip lines. My mom, my sister, and I took our four kids to play a round last week, and Will, in keeping with tradition, won himself a free game on the last hole. Amazingly, since he started playing the course once a summer about five years ago, Will has never NOT won a free game. (I, on the other hand, have been playing the course regularly since elementary school and have won exactly one free game in those 30+ years.)

2. Our trips to Madison frequently include a stroll through the Capitol, not because we haven't toured the building before (we have - MANY times), but because we can get Hallie and Lily to walk for miles if we promise the journey will eventually lead to their "castle".
Inside one of "their" many "ballrooms".
3. The kids tried their hands at "farming" - and rode quite a few rides - while visiting the Dane County Fair. That is, before yet another unexpected thunderstorm rolled in and torrential rains and intermittent lightening forced the fair to close early. (So if you're counting, that's the second time we found ourselves caught outside and/or stranded in severe weather. And yes, we checked the weather forecast...15 minutes after the thunder and lightening began, my phone's weather app still indicated only a 30% chance of rain.)
Cuddling baby ducks.
"Milking" a "cow".
Working up to the big rollercoasters and scary rides.
On our way to getting drenched and forced out of the fair by lightening.
When Hallie saw this picture she exclaimed, "Mama, you look so big and
excited!". That's me - large and (enthusiastic about being) in charge.
4. Just outside of Madison and nestled among pastures and farmhouses lies a field of more than 500,000 sunflowers. The flowers' peak bloom occurred during our visit, so the kids, my parents, and I made the short hike to the field to take in the beauty we'd only previously heard about.

Sunflowers for (what seemed like) miles.
Sunflowers aren't one of my favorite flowers, but to see so many
of them in one place, all blooming at the same time, was impressive.
Large and "in charge" once again...
My group selfie technique needs work.
The picturesque Wisconsin countryside on the way to the sunflowers.
5. Happiness Highlights:
Don't knock "relaxing" on top of a giant stuffed banana - with
both of your kids balancing on top of you - until you've tried it.   
I LOOOOVE chocolate-covered bananas.
My dad and his fellow Madison Area Ukulele Initiative ("MAUI", for
short) members performed at the Monona Farmers' Market last weekend.
Watching him play inspired me and the kids to start fiddling around on his
instrument...we may add a ukulele to our music room sometime soon!
Just little old Hallie, reading the newspaper...
I saved this picture for my nephew, Carter, who adores
giraffes, and then I decided it was too cute note to share. 
Those curls!!! 

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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