Monday, August 22, 2016

2nd and the Beginning of the End

I liked parenting toddlers better than babies, preschoolers better than toddlers, and elementary schoolers better than preschoolers. In a nutshell, raising children has - at least for me - gotten better with each new stage. That said, I have no interest in moving on after elementary school and/or letting Will and Hallie age out of "little kid-hood". I vote to stay right here, where they think of the world as simple and delightful, they hold my hand and kiss my cheek in public, and the majority of their stress and worry and anxiety can be alleviated with a popsicle and an episode of Full House.
Playing in the rain on the last day of summer.
On this, the first day of classes for our incredible school district and in communities across the country, good luck to all of the kiddos starting or heading back to school. To all of the teachers who will guide our children's academic, social, and emotional learning, thank you for giving so much of yourselves to your job. And to all of the parents whose hearts are bursting with love and fear and pride, I feel you. This morning Hallie starts second grade and Will starts fourth grade, otherwise known as the beginning of the end of elementary school. I'm not quite ready for what this milestone year - or those that follow, for that matter - will bring...but I am looking forward to the cup of coffee I'll enjoy in a quiet, bicker-free house this morning.
I use this mug proudly.

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