Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beanbag Bummer

Two and half years ago my parents gave us a giant beanbag chair for our playroom. Will, Hallie, and Tom regularly watched movies and played video games nestled in this soft red cushion, and Tux eventually took a liking to the beanbag as well.

The kids - along with their friends - also loved using the beanbag as a gymnastics "foam pit" when they attempted stunts and tricks in the playroom; as a result, the beanbag's seams split more than once. I did my best to mend the damage, but only so much repair work can be done to a 90-pound, 8 ft. x 5 ft. x 2 ft. monstrosity that doesn't come apart and therefore isn't compatible with a sewing machine. As the tears increased in size and number, our efforts to fix them decreased; we knew the beanbag wouldn't last forever so we decided to just enjoy it until we couldn't do so any longer.

Well, Tux must have decided the same thing...because while we were in Wisconsin this summer, he enjoyed using the beanbag chair as a litter box. He pooped and peed on it more than once (and in Tom's gym bag a couple of times - he gets pretty mad when we leave him for longer than a day or a so), which was the final nail in the beanbag's coffin. Last week we finally put the big red bean out on the curb to be picked up on our bulk pick-up trash day.

Side note: with the exception of brush, NOTHING we have ever put out on the curb on bulk pick-up trash day has ever sat there long enough to have been picked up by the city. People in pick-ups drive through the neighborhood every Wednesday morning and load all kinds of things into the beds of their trucks. 

Last Saturday we began shopping for a few new pieces of furniture for our playroom. On the way home from visiting College Station's larger furniture stores, we decided to pop into a local used furniture store. We walked through the front door and there, in all its glory, "stood" our giant red beanbag chair, priced at $89.

It had been cleaned up and the large hole had been repaired, but there it was, innocently waiting for its new owner as if it hadn't already survived a lifetime of wear and tear. I kind of hope no one pays $89 for it...unless of course they're in the market for a gigantic litter box.

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  1. OMG - the exact reason a bean bag never has been at our house. those little beads inside really do resemble kitty litter.