Monday, May 9, 2016

Five Heads are Better than None

Though we haven't had tremendous success as gardeners since moving to Texas (unexplainable exceptions include a massive pepper haul four years ago and a decent beefsteak tomato crop - including two different human-esque, anatomically correct tomatoes - three years ago), this spring we have somehow grown five small but delicious heads of broccoli.

Hallie, the child who won't touch most foods with a ten-foot pole, eats raw broccoli (and raw green onion, whenever one sprouts up) right off the plants in the backyard and chooses it over almost any other vegetable. I guess we must have done something right, both in the garden and at the table!

Despite our success with broccoli, we remain miles away from earning our green thumbs...we managed to kill our beautiful little lemon tree.

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