Friday, May 6, 2016

High Five for Friday (5.6.16)

1. Happy Nurses Day! I'd like to give a special shout out to the many nurses in my life, especially my aunts, Will and Hallie's elementary school nurse, and my mom, who throughout the last month has answered multiple hours worth of medical questions for me and my friends.

2. After a mostly critter-free winter, Texas' four- (and zero-legged) natives have begun popping out to say hello once again. The high five here, you ask? While I hate them all as much as I always have, with each passing year I find myself slightly less panicked by their presence in my life.

On a related note, I saw my first large, live snake last Sunday afternoon. While driving home from the swimming pool, a LONG (confirmed by a Texan friend) snake slithered across the road right in front of my car. I managed to miss hitting it by screaming, taking my foot off the gas pedal, and taking my hands off the steering wheel as it somehow fit perfectly between my wheels, but I don't know if that's a good thing...

3. Last weekend was a big one for Will. He had a piece of his artwork chosen for display at the school district's annual art show, and he placed second among all of the third grade boys at his elementary school in their annual Road Runners competition. Last year he ran 214 laps, and this year he increased his total to 233 laps - that's almost 78 miles logged over the course of 30 20-minute runs.

4. Hallie also had a fantastic weekend. A few weekends back, Hallie and a few of her friends attended a dance camp hosted by a local high school's dance team. Then this past Friday night, the little girls had the opportunity to perform the dance they'd learned at camp during the big girls' - the Strutters' - end of the year showcase. They did a lovely job on stage, and the show as a whole was tremendous. I truly can't believe the artistic, athletic, and academic talent in our high schools.

Sadly, we had to leave the Strutters' showcase at intermission because we all - at least Hallie and I - had to get up at 6am on Saturday morning to prepare for her dance recital. Like any mom whose child dances, I adore watching Hallie. She takes the stage with such confidence, even when she "feels nervous in her stomach", and as the music rises she becomes an even stronger, braver, and more vibrant version of herself.

We left Hallie's recital and headed straight to the art show, where Hallie also had a piece of artwork on display. Both kids proudly showed off their creations to Tom and me, as well as to their friends and principal, with whom we happened to cross paths that morning.

5. Happiness Highlights:
Reading together on Saturday night.
Wait, you mean you don't do your home with a cat on your shoulders?
My girl helped me bake bread earlier this week. I was thrilled to see
that she hasn't yet outgrown her fascination with the bread machine.
That same night Hallie and I dined together - just the
two of us while the boys were at soccer - by candlelight.
Hooray for Teacher Appreciation Week!
Happy Friday, friends!

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