Monday, November 19, 2012

Peter Piper

Remember when I wrote about how we couldn't grow anything in our garden except peppers? (And one salad's worth of spinach.) That's still true - we can't grow anything except peppers - but I think at this point we've moved beyond "growing" peppers to something more intense, like breeding peppers in preparation for the end of the world. These little green vegetables have taken over our garden.
Our third batch of this size.
This would be great news, if I liked peppers even a tiny bit.

Tom is not very comfortable in the kitchen. He makes excellent salsa and guacamole, and does a great job manning the grill, but he doesn't spend a lot of time reading recipes. He decided, however, to give "pickling" a try since even he couldn't eat that huge pile of peppers before they would go bad.

After two hours of grocery and jar shopping and four hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, Tom emerged with four large jars of peppers, expertly and gorgeously pickled with carrots, cauliflower, and various spices.
I won't be eating any of these peppers, but I can certainly appreciate
the effort Tom put into their pickling and how pretty they look now!
The problem is that since the day of pickling, we've harvested yet another huge crop of peppers.  Any ideas about/suggestions for what Peter Piper can do with them?

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