Friday, May 20, 2016

High Five for Friday (5.20.16)

1. After a few weeks of planning, a few days of pricing, and one unbelievably hot afternoon of organizing the heck out of the items we no longer need or want, our five-family garage sale accomplished exactly what we hoped it would accomplish: it cleared lots of boxes of clutter out of our garages and put a few extra dollars in our pockets. I LOVE purging!
This enthusiastic "greeting committee" drew in and
welcomed a steady stream of shoppers at our garage sale. 
2. I had my first eye exam - other than the required one week, one month, three months, six months, and one year follow-ups - since my Lasik laser eye surgery in December of 2013. Though my left eye is still slightly less than perfect (the left has always been my weaker eye, both in terms of prescription and astigmatism), my right eye remains 20/15 and together my eyes are almost 20/15. After 27 years of wearing glasses and contacts, my current glasses- and contact-free lifestyle pleases me to no end.

3. Last Saturday I rigged up an incredibly effective hands-free apparatus that allowed me to sit in my lawn chair, drink my coffee, watch Will's soccer game, and stretch/strengthen my foot and calf all at the same time. I should patent this:

4. I try not to buy very many processed foods, but I have a weakness - as does everyone else in my family - for Zatarain's black beans and rice. Unfortunately, my grocery store stopped carrying this product a little over a year ago; fortunately, I discovered last weekend that Amazon sells it in bulk...and now I have 12 boxes sitting on my kitchen counter. Anyone want to come over for dinner this week?

5. Happiness Highlights:

In case you were worried that my kids' elementary school principals weren't 
awesome enough, here's a clip to show you that you needn't have worried. 

She went to school with straight hair and came home from
school with this crazy mop of curls. Holy humidity, Batman!
Princess Day at dance!
This boy came in third in the third and fourth
grade CSISD Scholastic Chess Tournament!

Happy Friday, friends!

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