Monday, October 20, 2014

Officially Banned

For those of you hoping to see wedding pics this morning, my apologies. We arrived home after our whirlwind, four-day trip to Nebraska last night, and I haven't yet had time to go through the pictures I took or download the pictures taken by others throughout the weekend. Check back on Friday for a wedding-themed High Five for Friday post!

Disclaimer: this post has to do with feline bodily functions, and while I've done my best to write about this topic tastefully, I had to use the words poop and pee a few times. You've been warned.

When we brought Moo home I couldn't believe our good fortune: he seemed almost entirely potty trained already. On that first night he used the litter box multiple times and appeared to have absolutely no interest in relieving himself on the furniture, rugs, or floor.

Beginners luck.

A few nights later I followed an unfortunate scent through the house and into the office where I discovered that Moo had pooped in the garbage can. I didn't particularly want to clean up this mess - who would, right? I considered just throwing the garbage can out with the poop - but because I really like this particular garbage can I did so anyway. Part of my "process" involved giving the garbage can a long, hot shower.

A few days later Moo did the same thing in my bathtub. Twice.

A few days after that, Moo did the same thing in my sink. But this time, he added insult to injury and dragged a hair bow of Hallie's in there with him before he did his business. Needless to say, that hair bow no longer resides in our house.

But the kicker…

One night Hallie wandered out of her bedroom and into the living room in search of something to read. She went through the basket in which we keep all of our library books, made her selection, and started back toward her room. Halfway there, Hallie stopped suddenly, spun around, and with a hint of accusation in her voice, asked us why the book was all wet.

Good grief. As if the library doesn't hate me enough already, what with the book ripping and the dress paying and the temper tantrums and the bathroom accidents, now my cat has decided to use library books as his second litter box.

Interestingly, Moo choose this book to pee on.

Perhaps he felt threatened by the presence of another cat in our home.

Trust me, Moo, you shouldn't feel threatened by other cats, real or in pictures. You should, however, feel threatened by library personnel…they may be coming after both you and me in the very near future.

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