Friday, October 31, 2014

High Five for Halloween!

1. We didn't, nor do we ever, take formal/professional Halloween or fall pictures. I usually snap a few casual pics when we stop by the pumpkin patch to stock up on front porch decorations, but as you can see, we don't coordinate outfits, style hair, or anything of the sort. The kids always have fun though, especially when I let them come up with their own poses (which they did in all but the first and last photo), and I love that these photos capture their true personalities.

2. I love looking back on what the kids - and Tom and I - wore on Halloweens past…and I can't wait to show you pics of our costumes this year!


3. Thank you, BuzzFeed, for 26 Things Cats Are Not. I thoroughly enjoy animals in costume, which is why tonight our kitty will (hopefully) be dressed up and photographed as a princess/ballerina and a shark.

4. Halloween cupcakes? Check!

5. In 2013 the four Ferri dressed up in coordinated Halloween costumes for the first time, and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to go that route again in 2014. When Will came up with Goldilocks and the Three Bears we immediately bought two adult-sized bear sweatshirts and a Goldilocks costume and asked Grandma Brenda to make Will a baby bear costume. (Thanks Grandma!) Now if only it would cool off a little - when we dressed up last Saturday night we might as well have been called Goldilocks and the Sweaty Bears...

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween, friends!

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