Friday, October 24, 2014

High Five for Weddings!

1. All four of our flights - ALL FOUR - were on time. One was even early. If our next series of four flights goes similarly, I may consider forgiving American Airlines for the hell it put Tom, the kids, and/or me through on our last three trips.

2. Hallie spilled her cranapple juice on the first flight, but she spilled the majority of it on herself and Tom. I realize it sounds unkind of me to high five about Hallie's spill, but let's be honest, both Tom and Hallie learned something from the experience. Hallie learned that cranapple juice over ice is cold and wet when you spill it in your lap. Tom learned that allowing Hallie to have cranapple juice over ice, and then hold her glass with one hand while playing a game on her Nintendo 3DS with the other, is NOT a good idea. Rookie mistake.

3. Hallie fell asleep (as did Tom) on the second flight, which happened to be the flight during which she sat with me. Score one for Mom.

4. We left Moo at home and hired a trio of siblings - who have their own pet sitting business - to periodically stop by and play with him, feed him, clean his kitty litter, etc. They did a fantastic job. BCS friends, let me know if you need a pet sitter and I'll send you their information!

5. The weekend's festivities - the Wedding Olympics, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and wedding reception - went beautifully. Family members and friends gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska from across the country to celebrate the love between these two special people. I don't yet have access to the professional photos, but here are a few of my favorite candids - this week's Happiness Highlights - from the four-day wedding extravaganza!
Plane ride #1: Will and I chatted over ice water and cranapple juice. 
Plane ride #2: tired from all the spilling and talking (she didn't
stop from the time we left home until I took this picture) and lulled
into peace and quiet by 20 minutes of hair stroking, Hallie finally
drifted off. She then drooled an apple-sized wet spot on my pants.
On Thursday morning, all of the ladies already in town (except
for me - I don't like other people filing my nails) got manicures.
Hallie loved her wine-colored polish topped with gold glitter!
At the Wedding Olympics, guests played Ladder Ball, Corn Hole,
Beer Pong, Jenga, Battle of the Sexes, and "How Well Do You Know
the Bride/Groom? and dined on the groom's favorite…Chipotle.
(Watch for a special post on the Wedding Olympics in November!) 
On Friday Jenna and I made a quick stop at the reception
venue. Check out the view of Husker Stadium on this side...
…and of the Nebraska State Capitol on the other.
Tom and I aren't very good at selfies.
The kids went to bed late and got up early every day.
At least they slept hard when they finally did sleep.
This is a terrible picture, but I had to post it…our friend Janelle's
birthday fell on Friday, so when she came over that morning,
Hallie dressed up as the birthday fairy (any excuse to wear her
flower girl dress) and sang a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday.
The wedding party (minus Tom and the kids - who knows
what they were up to) just before we started rehearsing.
Grandma and the kiddos practicing sitting quietly. Sort of.
The bride and her "maids" have a chat while
the flower girl picks her nose in the foreground.
Babies like Tom's face. 
Uncle Tom, Uncle Joel, Mama Rose (who, along with
her husband Chuck, hosted the most fabulous rehearsal
dinner ever), the bride, Tom's mom, and cousin David.
The incredible birthday girl (Janelle, who Hallie sang to
earlier in the day) and two of her three handsome boys. 
The bride and groom with his mom and brother.
Will, Hallie, and the amazing Megan, whose child
entertaining skills helped me survive the weekend. 
The groom and his dad.
Four generations.
The bride and groom and her parents.
Waiting for Lily to arrive on Saturday morning.
Practicing twirling down the aisle (yes, she twirled).
Practicing his walk down the aisle with the rings. He nailed
every single aspect of his job and looked incredible doing so.
Waiting for formal pictures to start was really hard for Hallie...
…she was ridiculously excited to get the show on the road.
He is just SO handsome.
Daddy and his little girl.
Daddy and both his kiddos.

Don't be surprised if you see this picture as our Christmas card.
A side shot while posing for formal pics.
This is the best photo I could get of the back of Hallie's dress.
As soon as I said I needed (another) photo she ran away from me.
Ready to go!
They did it!
Still not very good at selfies.
Limo fun on the way to the reception.
Bad pic, but GOOOOD cake. And per my
request, Jenna and Ferrell did not skimp on cake.
Hangin' with this good-lookin' eight-year-old at the reception.
Daddy-daughter dance.
Mother-son dance.
My sister's fam in what I hope will be their Christmas card picture.
My parents.
Jenna had the genius idea to stock the tables with lots
of wedding-themed coloring pages and crayons. Lily and
Hallie colored close to 20 pictures during the cocktail hour.
Besides his parents and Grandparents, Carter would let only
Uncle Grant (who is Will and Hallie's uncle but not actually
Carter's uncle) hold him on the dance floor. They had a bond.
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. McGhee!
Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Everything and everyone look so beautiful!!!! So happy for the Jenna and her husband!!! Beautiful family!!