Wednesday, October 29, 2014

High Five for Halloween Eve Eve! (Otherwise Known as Wednesday.)

I haven't written a "regular" High Five for Friday post in weeks, so my High Fives and Happiness Highlights have been building up and burning a hole in my virtual blog pocket. Today's post is something of a Halloween/High Five mash-up...

1. I wrote a couple of Halloween-themed posts for MomsEveryday and wanted to share them with you - prior to Halloween - in case you're looking for an easy craft or moderately-challenging-but-extremely-rewarding cupcake decorating project to tackle before Friday. Check out how to create my BOO letters here and my traditional Halloween cupcakes here!

2. Will made it onto his elementary school's honor roll for the first grading period of the school year. Though I find it disheartening that a second grade honor roll even exists (second graders just don't seem old enough for percentage and letter grades to me), I'm terribly proud of my boy for doing so well in school.
Unfortunately I didn't know that Will's name was in
the paper until a few days after the Honor Roll issue ran.
Will received a ribbon and coupon for a free kids
meal at Grub Burger. He plans to give Hallie the
Grub Burger coupon though, because in his words,
"I eat grown-up burgers now". And he does. 
3. Last weekend Hallie's soccer club, which was founded by an alumni Aggie soccer player, had the opportunity to scrimmage during halftime at an Aggie Women's Soccer game. Just like I worried about my little wild card actually walking down the aisle at AJ and Ferrell's wedding last weekend, I worried about Hallie actually following through on her commitment to scrimmage with her teammates. She cried throughout much of the first half, but finally pulled herself together when the time came take the field. It helped that she and I talked about every aspect of what would happen and when (to the best of my knowledge) over and over and over again, and that the field supervisors allowed parents to stand off to the side of the field while the kids played.
Listening carefully to Coach Rachel's instructions.
"Pink shoots in this goal, orange shoots in that goal."
For the most part Hallie just chased the pack.
She kicked the ball once though, and next to
actually taking the field that's all I'd hoped for.
And she ran hard!
Will hung out in the stands while I accompanied Hallie
onto the field. He's getting so ridiculously independent...
Hallie with her friend and teammate, Olivia.
When they weren't scrimmaging, these two cuties
paid very little attention to the actual soccer game.
4. After their wedding, AJ and Ferrell spent a few days relaxing and sight-seeing in downtown Chicago. I want so badly to be in the Windy City right now - either with Tom, who actually is in Chicago right now for a conference, or with my mom and sister on our annual (except for this year) girls' weekend shopping trip - and not just because this morning the kids and the cat clogged the toilet, pooped in the toilet, flushed the toilet, and flooded the bathroom.

For a minute there I forgot this was a High Five post...sorry! 

But then AJ posted this picture, and while it certainly reminded me of all that I'm missing out on in Chicago this week, it also made me smile.
The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.
5. Happiness Highlights
I forgot to include this picture - one of my favorites - when I posted
about the wedding last week. Mel, Lisa, Michael, David, Laura, and
I took this "selfie" on the elevator ride up to the reception venue. 
I forgot to include this picture as well. Will and I
take great selfies together…Hallie and I, not so much.
Over the course of the last year, orange became the unofficial
color of "Washington Strong". Last week, orange became the
official color of Sara and Jeff's new front door. Next month they
will finally - a full year after the tornado - move back home.
My boy wanted to wear deodorant, so now
he wears deodorant. When did he get so old?
The kitty has a thing for my Fitbit. Last week he added
tallied almost 100 steps while I was in the shower.
I just discovered that my monthly Birch Boxes come addressed
to "The Dazzling Erin Ferris". Birch Box certainly knows how
to make their customers feel good about themselves!
While looking through a box of wedding photos in search of a
specific picture, I came across this. A lot can change in 11 years.  
Officer Merida, reporting for duty.
While Officer Merida reported for desk
duty, the kitty fell asleep in her backpack.
Happy Halloween Eve Eve (Wednesday), friends!

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  1. great post, I wish i could have been there for the soccer game