Monday, October 6, 2014

Disc Golf, We Have a Problem

I tidy up the garage on a regular basis, but twice a year, usually in the late fall and early spring when the weather outside is pleasant, I commit to spending an entire morning thoroughly cleaning it out. During my most recent tackling of the garage I came across a crate packed to the brim with nearly 35 disc golf discs.

Yes, 35 discs seems like an awful lot of discs for one person to own, especially considering what they cost and how often they end up in a lake or swamp, but Tom loves to play and Will likes to play so I just turn a blind eye when my boys add discs to their stash.

When Tom arrived home that evening I asked him why all of his discs were in the garage and not in the back of his car, where he usually keeps them. He laughed, and replied, "Erin, those are my extra discs".
Come again?!

You mean to tell me there are 15 discs in your disc golf bag and five discs in Will's disc golf bag and 10 extra discs in your trunk and 35 extra discs in the garage and we own 65 discs?!?!

The little voice in my head told me to just walk away.

So I did. I walked away and (a few days later) into my parents dining room, where I saw this.

A few years ago Tom introduced my dad to disc golf. I knew my dad had taken a liking to the sport, but I didn't realize he'd become nearly as obsessed as Tom. He now owns at least 29 discs and three disc golf bags (which he apparently stores, at least some of the time, on the dining room table) and is on a first name basis with the employees at the disc golf stores in Madison.

Apparently discs are to men (at least the men in my life) what shoes are to women.

Want to learn to play disc golf? Tom would happily teach you. And don't worry about buying your own discs…Tom has enough discs for you, your family, your neighbors, and your teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade to all play at the same time.

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