Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday (7.25.14)

We've come to the end of our month-long Wisconsin vacation (we hit the road early tomorrow morning, and hope to make it home by Sunday night), so this is the last of my three Flashback Friday posts, at least for this summer...
Me and my dad, circa 1982.
Easily the creepiest picture I ever took with Santa.
And what's going on with my pants?!
Two weeks ago I found my junior year soccer picture;
this week I found my freshman year soccer picture...
…and my sophomore year picture. (shudder)
Apparently Sara and I still dressed alike into our late teens/early 20's...
…make that into our mid-to-late-20's.
I love this picture, taken on Christmas in 2005.
Happy boy.
Happy girl.
Sweet boy.
(Photo courtesy of my friend Carrie at Lifeseyes Photography.)
Sweet girl.
(Photo courtesy of my friend Carrie at Lifeseyes Photography.)
Once of my favorite pictures of Will.
And one of my favorite pictures of Hallie. mom and I never tackled her photo sorting/organizing project. Like I mentioned last week, I actually made the situation worse because on the way to creating these Flashback Friday posts, I removed the photos from their albums and took them upstairs to the scanner in the office. There are albums of photos on the family room shelves, boxes of photos on the dining room table, and stacks of photos in the office. I may owe my mom a week of hard photo-related work over Christmas vacation.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

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