Friday, July 11, 2014

Flashback Friday (7.11.14)

The kids and I have settled in for a few weeks of fun in the sun with my parents in Wisconsin. As always, we have plenty of out-and-about activities on the calendar - Concerts on the Square, a Milwaukee Brewers game, the Madison Farmers' Market, and Little Amerricka Amusement Park, along with the zoo, beach, Union Terrace, Babcock ice cream, and Rocky Rococo's pizza - but we also plan to fully enjoy a few "relaxing" days and evenings at home...sorting - or at least beginning to sort - through 35+ years of family photos.

This morning I bit the bullet and pulled the first box - overflowing with 300 or so photos that we removed from albums a year ago (yes, we started this process last summer, and no, we did not finish) - down off the shelf. As I flipped through photographic evidence of my youth well lived, I decided that for the next three weeks, while I have access to this wealth of childhood memories, I'd replace a few of my High Five for Friday posts with Flashback Friday posts.

So here are a few (completely random, because that's the level of photo organization we're looking at right now) Flashback Friday photos!
In honor of the World Cup, my junior year high
school soccer photo. I look very man-ish here. 
Also in honor of the World Cup, Will's very first
soccer photo. He was three when this picture
was taken but turned four during the season.
This is just one of my favorite pictures of Sara and me, rockin' our
matching pink sweatsuits on the beach on Florida's Anna Maria Island.
I started lifting at a young age, though my form was
pretty poor until I took a weight-lifting class in college.
I picked this photo because OH MY GOSH my hair and
high-waisted hot pink polka dot denim shorts. 
And I picked this photo as a reminder to
myself to NEVER EVER wear hats. 
The Mueller side of the family back when
Will was the only kid on the block. 
And finally, toddler Hallie in a dog cage. To be clear, she climbed in
and latched the door on her own…we just didn't let her out right away.
And now, back to drowning in the sea of photos yet to be thinned, categorized, and organized…

Happy Friday, friends!

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