Friday, April 4, 2014

High Five for Friday (4.4.14)

1. Earlier this week I wrote my last preschool tuition check. Ever. I have no doubt that a mixture of emotions will accompany Hallie reaching the milestones - graduating preschool and starting kindergarten - ahead of her this spring and summer. But she's ready to move on, and I'm ready to let her.

2. This Cracked article on "4 People Who Really Are Making the World a Better Place" - at least two of which will certainly surprise you - intrigued me. If you need to branch out beyond Dora the Explorer and The Berenstain Bears and The Magic Tree House series but don't have time to tackle a novel, give this eye-opening article a read.

3. My Wisconsin Badgers made it to the final four and take on Kentucky on Saturday night! My bracket is completely shot - our family tournament will come down to the final game with Tom and Will as the only contenders for first place - so I can wholeheartedly support Bucky and his crew without worrying about whether or not doing so will jeopardize my bracket. On Wisconsin!

4. As part of The Big Event - the TAMU annual day of service - these three handsome young men spent four hours at our house on Saturday, raking and bagging leaves and then laying new mulch around our flower, bushes, and trees. They worked incredibly hard, and our yard looks fantastic. If you live in the BCS area and have not participated in The Big Event, plan to do so next year - I promise you won't regret it! (Feel free to contact me at if you have questions about hosting students.)

5. For the next couple of months I plan to use one of my "High Five for Friday" slots to share some of my "Happiness Highlights" from that week. Here are three of my favorites!
The way she looks at her daddy - even when he's
figured out how to beat her at tag - melts my heart.
Hallie donned her swimsuit and washed my and Will's feet in the bathtub
to check " do something kind for someone else today" off her to-do list.
Me and My Gal Hal (both looking a little windblown) after
our "date" at the preschool Pizza, Pie, and Parents luncheon.
Happy Friday, friends!

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