Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Tomorrow she turns five. FIVE. When did my baby turn into a little girl? It all happened in the blink of an eye.

My now five-year-old Hal Gal is a confident, articulate preschooler with a passion for music and dance. When she’s not performing musical numbers or tap dance routines, Hallie spends her time coloring, painting, baking, accessorizing her stuffed animals, and challenging herself with self-assigned math homework.

Hallie loves gymnastics and seems to have developed a knack for running, especially away from or after her brother. Last summer she learned how to swim (defined simply as “make forward progress in the water”) and earlier this year she mastered riding her bike without training wheels. She's yet to master stopping though, which makes our two-wheeled trips around the block somewhat precarious.

Hallie is a beautifully complicated blend of sweet and spicy, fueled by both passion and reason, and I love quietly watching as she takes on the world.

Tomorrow she turns five.

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