Friday, April 18, 2014

High Five for Friday (4.18.14)

1. My Pinky Pie pony cake and multi-colored (like Joseph's amazing technicolor dreamcoat, per Hallie's request) My Little Pony cupcakes turned out wonderfully - and much better than last year's Ariel cake, which made Ariel look like an orangutan - and the Rainbow Dash pony cookies I ordered from my most favorite baker looked beautiful and tasted delicious!

In case you're interested, here's a picture of the Ariel-as-an-orangutan cake.

2. Some of the bows Hallie received as birthday gifts blew me away. Part of me feels like we should put them on display in a glass case rather than let Hallie wear and risk losing or damaging them…

3. I try to have lunch with Will at least once a month, but I missed both February and March because I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off (seriously, ask my friend Mandi, who sees me nearly every day and watched me slowly lose my mind as March progressed) and just plain forgot to put my monthly date with Will on the calendar. I plan to make up for my February and March absences throughout April and May, and have already eaten lunch with Will twice this month. (Admittedly, once was in the car on the way back from his lunchtime orthodontia appointment, but I bought him a Jimmy John's sub and he said it was the best lunch date ever.) The smile on his face when he came around the corner and saw me waiting for him stayed with me all day.
He kind of looks like me, right? Maybe if you don't take into account the
dramatically different hair, Ferris nose, and gaping holes between his teeth...
4. If you're in a relationship, plan to be in a relationship, want to be in a relationship, marriage or otherwise…read this. I promise you won't regret having spent a few minutes reading about this single man's cross-country journey to interview couples in happy, long-term relationships.

5. Happiness Highlights:
This is the back of the birthday card Lily sent to Hallie. If you look
really closely, you can find all of the letters in both "Lily" and "Hallie".
And this is the inside of the card. In case you can't tell, it's a picture of
Hallie, Lily, and a castle. (Perhaps the Frozen castle on Ice Mountain?) 
Goofing around with my two goons before bed.
(For the record, both are wearing pajama bottoms.)
So big, yet somehow still so little.
Now THAT'S happy.

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