Friday, February 28, 2014

It's (his) Time to Shine

Between September and December, every trip to Target included a lengthy stop in front of the toy department's Disney princess display. It wasn't the costumes, the accessories, or even the dolls themselves that Hallie found so enticing…it was a plastic, purse-shaped, purple karaoke machine of sorts that played songs sung by the newest Disney princess, Sofia.

Months of practice in the Target aisles meant that when Santa delivered Time to Shine on Christmas morning, Hallie Claire already knew just what to do with her new toy.

Sofia music played on repeat every day of our Christmas vacation stay in Nebraska - many who'd never previously heard of Sofia now know all of the words to most of her songs - and now, two months later, Hallie still sing duets with Sofia every day…whenever she's not singing medleys of songs from Frozen or The Sound of Music, of course.

After watching the videos above, my sister, Sara, bought Lily Time to Shine as well. The girls sang quite a few beautiful duets during our visit, but it was another child who unexpectedly had the most fun with Time to Shine...

I love that little boy tremendously, even more so now that I know he'll someday sing musical theater duets with me.

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