Monday, March 3, 2014

Chasing Roots Around the Interwebs

Though I spend quite a bit of my time writing for Chasing Roots (and trying to keep up our family blog as well), I also contribute regularly to the National American Red Cross blog and Every couple of months I like to link up to some of the pieces I've written for these sites, and I'd love it if you'd check out not just my posts but the sites in general, as both have a lot of valuable (though completely unrelated) content to share!

Red Cross: Youth Preparedness Week
The 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and Youth Preparedness Week (January 20 - 24) have come and gone, but the community service and preparedness information (geared specifically toward youth and young adults) included in this post is still relevant today.

Red Cross: Be Your Own Valentine
Lessen your risk of suffering from an (in many cases) avoidable crisis – such as a heart attack caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, for example – by taking prevention into your own hands. Check out these tips to help strengthen and protect your heart.

MomsEveryday: Breaking the Rules
Some days I struggle to find the words to express what I feel inside. Other days, thoughts and feelings I didn't know I had spill out of me faster than I can type. Midway through writing a completely different article, this post - about wanting to change, ever so slightly, how I parented my Hallie Claire - appeared on my computer screen and begged to be shared.

MomsEveryday: Bathrobe Bowl
In case you missed it the first time around, check out this post about Will's efforts to use football to drive all of his family members completely insane. (Watch for a follow-up post about Will's efforts to use basketball to drive all of his family members insane. And then, because Will played with his basketball too close to the car-rider line outside of his elementary school and a car ran over it, watch for a second follow-up post about his efforts to use baseball to drive all of his family members insane.)

MomsEveryday: Bertie Bott's Bean Bonanza
Another repeat, but a funny post about 1) Tom's most valuable (non-academic) contribution to society and 2) how not everything we create should be passed on to our kids. Until they head off to college, that is, and then all bets are off.

MomsEveryday: Mom to Mom with Erin
MomsEveryday reformatted their website and now all of my posts can be seen on "Mom to Mom with Erin Ferris". The page has not yet been fully populated with my posts, but eventually everything I've written for MomsEveryday will be available to read from this one location.

Thanks for your support, friends, both here on Chasing Roots and out there in cyberland!

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  1. I love the bean game post! You respectfully captured the solemnity and spirit of this greatest game.