Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Worth Watching (and Reading) Wednesday

Each week I come across two or three testimonials, stories, articles, compilations, memes, pictures, and/or videos that speak to me. Depending on the content, I may email the links to my family members and friends, share them on Facebook, or post them to Pinterest or Instagram. I try to spread the information, inspiration, and humor, but in a way that doesn't make my friends delete my emails before reading them or block me from their news feeds.

This past week, however, nearly everything I stumbled upon on Facebook, Youtube, and the internet had an impact on me. I laughed out loud, smiled through my tears, and reflected on how my words and actions might be perceived by those who don't know me well. I needed a boost, and the universe gave me one by placing certain words and pictures directly in front of me.

And so in case you find yourself in need of an emotional pick-me-up, a mental reset, an authentic laugh, or reassurance that the kindness and generosity are still all around us, check out a few of the links below. I promise you won't be disappointed.

We've all been there:
Dear New Girl at the Gym

Texas A&M demonstrates once again why it deserves it's reputation as a class act:
An Honorable Scholarship

When penguins slip and fall on the ice they make much cuter noises than I do: 
Adorable Penguin Wipeout

They are "stepping in, every single day, and altering the trajectory of our world":
Teach On, Warriors

Hope for all those who fear the peanut:
Fighting Back Against Peanut Allergies

I could watch performances like this one all day:
Drum Line Rock

Jimmy Fallon joins Danny, Jesse, and Joey for a creepy but perfectly executed Full House family reunion: 
Full House Reunion

Incredibly important words for all parent volunteers to read: 
When Elite Parents Volunteer

Though you've likely watched quite a few good commercials this week (thank you, Budweiser, for making me cry AGAIN), you may not have seen this fantastic one - titled "All is Right" - by Footlocker:
Footlocker Commerical

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