Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five for Friday (2.21.14)

1. Will can finally display his Tae Kwon Do trophies, medals, and belts!

I knew I wanted to "show off" Will's Tae Kwon Do hardware, but I couldn't find a three-in-one display (a shelf for trophies, hooks for medals, and slots for belts) anywhere. Thankfully, Grandpa came through for me and both designed and built this gorgeous piece.

It took Tom and me a month and a half, but we finally hung it up on the wall a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE it, and more importantly, so does Will.

2. My "make a wish" necklace broke off!

My sister gave me a "make a wish" necklace for Christmas. The key-shaped charm (though a couple friends of mine thought the key looked like something else - check out the pictures below and decide for yourself) hung from a string, rather than a cord or a chain, thus guaranteeing that the necklace would eventually wear thin, break, and fall off.

This, however, is the point: when you put the necklace on, you make a wish, and when the necklace falls off, your wish comes true.

I donned my necklace and made my wish shortly after I received it in the mail (mid-January), and it fell off a few days ago. Now I'm just waiting to see if my wish comes true...

3. It's finally warm enough for ice cream!

Well, frozen yogurt, but whatever. I took the kids to Spoons twice last weekend (cookies and cream frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and miniature chocolate chips = my go-to order, which I consider pseudo-healthy because it includes fruit), and on the way home I discovered that a through-road - one that will allow us to safely ride our bikes the three or so miles to Spoons - opened up since the last time we'd been there. I see many a weekend bike ride for frozen yogurt in our family's future…

4. Hallie and Tom graced the cover (of the Lifestyle section) of our local newspaper!

Tom took Hallie on a date to the children's museum's annual Daddy Daughter Dance, where they crafted corsages, dined on chicken nuggets and cupcakes, and danced the night away. Apparently their dancing really stood out, because the newspaper photographer on hand at the event captured multiple photos of the two of them cutting a rug.
The photo in the newspaper.
The original photo.


5. Brian Williams and Lester Holt, rapping.

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for kicking off your tenure as host of The Tonight Show with a bang. More specifically, thank you for this video montage of Brian Williams and Lestor Holt working their way through Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight".

Happy Friday, friends!

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