Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (9.6.13)

The Greatest
After two incredibly l...o...n...g and exhaust-zzzzz-ing (sorry, I dozed off there for a minute) weeks, I needed to read - and therefore needed to write - a post to really pick me up and dust me off. I decided to focus on some of the greatest underdog stories - stories about overcoming challenges, fulfilling dreams, and giving 100% until the final buzzer - I've come across recently. I hope they give you the pick-me-up they've given me.

Perhaps the Greatest Website to Help Kids Survive the Awkward Teen Years...Ever
I wish the Awkward Years Project (and the internet, for that matter) would have been around back when I served as President of the "Middle School Dorks Association". Seeing the photo pairings and reading the "I've been there" stories from once gawky-and-awkward but now attractive-and-successful adults would have greatly improved my confidence as a teenager. I'm thinking about joining the project with one of these two beauties:

Perhaps the Greatest Example of Audience Participation...Ever 
Every musical theater geek dreams of Broadway. The theaters, the music, the actors and costumes and sets that come alive under the bright lights every evening. Standing center stage in front of a packed house and singing the character-defining ballad you've been practicing in front of your bathroom mirror since you turned six. Unfortunately, very few of us musical theater geeks see this dream become a reality.

This woman in this video - I believe her name is Sarah - was randomly selected from the audience to sing "For Good" (from Wicked) with Kristen Chenoweth onstage during Kristen's concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I assume that most of the time, audience participation doesn't go smoothly and as a result, the professional singer performs most of the song on their own. But that wasn't the case when Sarah stepped on stage; this time, the stars aligned and a musical theater geek's dream - complete with the music, the actor, and the bright lights - came true.

Sarah's experience is my musical theater dream come true. (And I cried both times I watched this video.)

Perhaps the Greatest End to a High School Football Game...Ever
If you live in my neck of the woods you've likely already seen this video. But since most of you reading don't live anywhere near me, including it in this week's Weekly Wrap-Up was an absolute must.
Last Friday night, Copperas Cove scored a field goal and took the lead over A&M Consolidated with one second left in regulation play. Copperas Cove followed up their field goal with a squib kick - presumably a safe move given the circumstances - that Brandon Jackson caught. Just watch what happened next...

Nothing like watching "Friday Night Lights" brought to life, right here in Texas.

MomsEveryday: What Happens When You Let a Four-Year-Old Go to the Bathroom Alone
In case you missed it the first time around (or just want to reread my tale of embarrassment), MomsEveryday ran my the story of Hallie locking herself in the karate bathroom stall and me getting stuck under the stall door last week. Check it out here!

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