Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Few Words Wednesday

I love Wordless Wednesday blog posts, except for the fact that they don't contain any words. Now there's a head-scratcher for you...

Though I've done a few Wordless Wednesday posts here on Chasing Roots, there wasn't a one of them with which I felt fully satisfied when I hit "publish". I couldn't/can't help but want to write something - even just a sentence or two - to better explain, elaborate on, or even poke fun at my pictures.

I realize that adding text defeats the purpose of these photo-centric posts, but I plan to do so anyway, and to call my next few Wednesday posts, "Few Words Wednesday" posts instead of "Wordless Wednesday" posts. I'll keep the words to a minimum, but they'll still be there to shed just a little bit of light on my photos.

Happy Few Words Wednesday to you!
Despite our attempts to expose them to art, music, literature, and a
wide variety of sports and hobbies, nothing makes them happier than the
expensive - and somewhat lame, in my opinion - carnival rides at the fair. 

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