Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Texas Tips

I laughed out loud when I stumbled upon this "Tip Jar War" (a small white board with a question written on it, set up behind two jars in which tip money could be placed to show support for one of the two possible answers to the question) on the counter in a local antique shop. Not because the question was funny, but because the response to the question - ALL of the tip money in the "Yes Guns" jar and not even a penny in the "No Guns" jar - was just so Texas.

To be clear, in this case I meant "just so Texas" as a positive adjective. Yes, Texas wants to talk about its guns. And yes, Texas wants to keep its guns. And yes, Texas voted Texas as the winner of last week's Tip Jar War (see the small print on the white board). In my limited experience, when Texas feels a certain way about an issue, it goes all in...and I respect that.

I chose not to take a stand - at least by putting money in either jar - on the "Yes Guns/No Guns" debate that evening. I did, however, go all in on a slightly less controversial and unbelievably delicious banana shake...maybe Texas is rubbing off on me.

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