Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football?

College football season officially kicks off today (though I think a few teams played their openers last night), and I for one can't wait to finally see my teams in action again.

The top slot on our favorites list has always belonged - and will always belong - to our alma mater, the University of Iowa. The Hawkeyes may never win a National Championship, and we spend substantial amounts of time cursing the coaches' play calling and the players' "poor choices off the field" (code for getting arrested for engaging in stupid and criminal behavior), but our loyalty remains strong and true. 

Because we live in Aggieland, the hubby works for TAMU, Kevin Sumlin is a class act (an important factor for me when it comes to which teams I root for or against), and Johnny Manziel is simply the most entertaining NCAA football player to watch, the Aggies come in at #2 on our list. And because of past affiliations, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nebraska round out our top five favorites.

In honor of what I'm certain will be a fun, entertaining, and exciting fall of football, here are a few of my favorite football-related pics - the pretty, the funny, and the pretty funny - I've gathered since last January.

Night games mean packed stadiums, excited fans, and watching the sun sink lower and lower in the sky before it finally dips below the horizon created by the upper level of stands. Gorgeous.
Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, IA.
Kyle Field in College Station, TX
The Big House in Ann Arbor, MI.
Camp Randall in Madison, WI.
Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE.
Yes, night games are gorgeous. But we need some humor thrown in there as well.
Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini's Christmas card.
Johnny Manziel's Halloween costume. 
The work of a farmer in Wisconsin with too much time on hands.
The truth.
Also the truth.
The truest - and most painful - truth.
Sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out.
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And finally, the craziest football play ever:

Let's get this season underway!

Check back tomorrow for my favorite tailgating recipes...

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  1. love this post. FYI though, some Hawkeye fans will be happy to point out the 1958 National Championship, according to the Football Writers Association of America: