Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness Recap, Week 1

Casually dominating the sport of basketball.
You guys.  For about 48 hours over the weekend, Hallie's bracket was totally kicking my bracket's behind.  She correctly picked the winners of EVERY game in the East division; scored 50% or better in the Midwest, West, and South divisions; and even predicted the Wichita State over Gonzaga upset.  It was starting to look like Hallie'd been born with some sort of sports prediction super power.  (If you recall, she won our annual Super Bowl pool just over a month ago.)

Unfortunately for Hallie, her bracket took a nose dive on Sunday night when San Diego State - one of her final four teams - lost to Florida Gulf Coast.  I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief when the buzzer sounded...

Here are the Ferris Family Standings as of Sunday night:

Round 1 (each correct pick = 1 point)
1st: Tom, 2
2nd: Will, 2
3rd: Hallie, 2
4th: Erin, 0

Not a good start.

Round 2 (each correct pick = 1 point)
1st: Tom, 24 (26 total)
2nd: Will, 23 (25 total)
3rd: Hallie, 22 (24 total)
4th: Erin, 22 (22 total)

Falling behind to an almost-four-year-old is embarrassing.

Round 3 (each correct pick = 2 points)
1st: Erin, 22 (44 total)
2nd: Tom, 16 (42 total)
3rd: Will, 16 (41 total)
4th: Hallie, 16 (40 total)

Back in the game!

It's still far too early to predict which of the four Ferri will come out on top on April 6th, but I sure am breathing a lot easier today than I was on Saturday night!

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