Monday, March 11, 2013

A Day Off, But Not Really

Last Friday morning I flew to Peoria, Illinois, where my mom picked me up at the airport and then drove me (describing my trip this way makes me sound like a 15-year-old) to my sister's house in Washburn, Illinois. Since then I've been hanging out with my parents, sister, and bro-in-law; playing with my niece; and soaking up as much of my brand new nephew, Carter, as I possibly can.

I'm also trying to be as helpful as possible by cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing (my sister wasn't exactly in a position to participate in my February Organizational Challenge, so I've been tackling her closets for her), doing laundry, and taking photos. I'm not sure if taking photos is considered helpful, but I'm keeping at it anyway.  It's so peaceful and satisfying to work with a subject who doesn't yell at and/or run away from me...

So anyway, I'm kind of busy being an aunt today, so instead of my usual lengthy, angst-ridden Monday post, I'm going to post a few pictures of my babies and links to what they've been up to these days.

Playing disc golf - or NOT playing disc golf, as is always the case when it comes to Hallie - at the park (in Texas we may not be able to play at the park in July, but we can play at the park in February!).

Playing in the rain, again, in February.
Dragging a pink tutu along, through the rain, behind the scooter.  What
a pink tutu was doing in the backyard in the first place, I don't know.  Why
Will didn't remove the pink tutu from the scooter wheel well, I don't know.
Taking pictures of ourselves in the bathroom mirror before school.

And Cheering on the Aggie baseball team from amazing, behind-home-plate seats, courtesy of our super generous neighbors (unfortunately the Aggies didn't win the game we attended, but Will did get to stand on the pitcher's mound for the National Anthem and came home with a foul ball).

Valentine's Day (worth clicking on just to read what Hallie "wrote" to me in my Valentine's Day card)
Hide and Seek
Dear Jesus
Wheels and Things

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