Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rock Star

Part one of my Swimsuit Snow Angel Strategic Plan was publicity. The more people I told about my commitment to make a snow angel in my swimsuit, the harder it would be for me to back out. Part two of my Swimsuit Snow Angel Strategic Plan was numbers. The more people I recruited to participate with me, the harder it would be for me to back out.

It's a good thing I created and followed through on my plan, because if I hadn't, I absolutely would have found a reason to bail. It was 20 degrees outside, for crying out loud.

Initially I was unable to recruit Tom, Will, Hallie, my mom, my sister, my bro-in-law, or my niece. My dad, on the other hand, was completely willing to jump on board the crazy train with me. We picked a date and time (yes, we "scheduled" our swimsuit snow angels - I needed to know exactly when this insanity was going to go down so that I could physically and mentally prepare myself), and I counted down the minutes with little enthusiasm.

About a half hour before we were scheduled to freeze ourselves half to death, my dad made a phone call that fortunately for him but unfortunately for me lasted over an hour. My plan had been to head out to the snow immediately after working out, and I just couldn't wait (I knew that if I let myself cool off after exercising I'd never make it outside) for him to get off the phone. That's when Will stepped up to the plate and accompanied me, brave boy that he is.

I gave my dad a hard time about choosing that morning to make such a lengthy phone call, to the point that he felt the need to follow through on his end of the deal. On Sunday night he sent me these pictures.
He's kind of a rockstar, my dad.

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