Thursday, January 3, 2013

So True

Just substitute "Texas" for "Florida":
Just prior to winter vacation, the morning temperatures in Texas were around 50 degrees and the expected highs during the day reached at least 60 degrees. Before leaving for school Will and I would step outside to assess the weather, and then I'd let him decide which jacket he'd like to wear or if he thought it was warm enough to skip a jacket all together.

On one particular sunny and wind-free 50-degree morning, Will opted not to take a jacket to school and I completely supported his decision. Even if he'd been a bit chilly outside at 7:40am, Will wouldn't go outside again until 11:50am when the temperature would almost certainly be considerably warmer. (Not to mention the fact that I didn't wear a jacket when I walked Will to school and was very comfortable.)

But that afternoon, when Will emerged from the school building he was upset about something. At first he didn't want to tell me what was bothering him, but eventually I coaxed it out of him... When it came time for recess, the teachers were troubled that Will didn't have a coat and worried that he would be cold, to the point that they made him wear a coat from the lost and found when he went outside. He was mortified.

I appreciate that Will's teachers were looking out for him, but I guess I need to let them know that there's Michigan blood - and not Texas blood - running through his little veins.

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  1. poor little guy! we only make students borrow a coat when it is below freezing...