Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizational Challenge

I'm a relatively organized person to begin with, but that doesn't mean certain areas of my house, yard, car, etc. don't occasionally take on messy, cluttered lives of their own. I'm not a big fan of cleaning and organizing and purging in January, because the month is overwhelming enough on its own, what with recovering from the holidays, tackling the resolutions, and heading back to school. February, however, is the perfect month for organizational projects: very little travel, no big school events, no family birthdays, and only one holiday. Not to mention that it's usually fairly unpleasant outside, which makes staying inside to organize the linen closet and decluttering the kitchen cabinets a little more enjoyable.  (Yes, I just referred to organizing the linen closet as an enjoyable task.  I'm kind that of dork.)

I found a 21-day Organizational Challenge - courtesy of Holiday Sparkle - that I'm excited to (try to) tackle throughout the month of February. Though I'm sure the idea is to start the challenge on day one, complete one task each day, and wrap things up 21 days later, I'm going to grant myself a seven-day grace period and aim to finish the 21 tasks between February 1st and February 28th.

Here are the 21 tasks:
  1. Medicine cabinet
  2. Coat closet
  3. Under beds
  4. Laundry room
  5. Handbag/purse
  6. Under sinks
  7. Refrigerator/freezer
  8. Kitchen cabinets
  9. Make-up/toiletries
  10. Bedroom closets
  11. Garage
  12. Craft supplies
  13. Linen closet
  14. Backyard
  15. Bedroom dressers
  16. Jewelry box
  17. Living room
  18. Attic/basement
  19. Car
  20. Playroom/den
  21. Enjoy how lovely your house looks!
I plan to make adjustments here and there (for example, I have very few craft supplies and will therefore need to find something else to organize that day - perhaps my computer desktop) and to take at least one day off every week, but I WILL make it through this list before the end of February.  Care to join me?  I'll include periodic reminders at the end of some of my blog posts so that you can stick with me, and I'll post before and after photos whenever I remember to take them.

Here's to an organized February!

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