Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up (11.30.12)

Movie Marathon
I love going to the movies over Thanksgiving weekend. After the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade; a delicious meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie; and plenty of college and professional football games, there's nothing I enjoy more than spending a little time in a dark, quiet theater with my husband and/or my kids.

This year we saw Wreck-It Ralph earlier in November and Argo over Thanksgiving weekend (in between watching all of the Twilight movies on DVD, of course), and I'd STRONGLY recommend both.

I know that the month of December will be crazy busy, but I'm really hoping that we can fit in a few more of the movies on my must-watch list either on the weekends before Christmas or perhaps during Christmas vacation. Here's what's on my list:

Silver Linings Playbook
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Rise of the Guardians
Life of Pi
Playing for Keeps
This is 40
Les Miserables
The Hobbit
Zero Dark Thirty

What are you looking forward to watching this holiday season?

Survival Tips for Men: How to Ask a Woman a Question
I figure that pictures or images that makes me laugh out loud should be posted here so that the rest of you (in this case, "you" probably just refers to women of dating/marrying age) can laugh out loud as well. Enjoy!

Ugly Sweater Party 'Do
I came across this picture on Pinterest, and was horrified that anyone would actually 1) style their hair like this, 2) go outside with their hair styled like this, and 3) proudly post a picture of the look on Pinterest. And then I read the caption - "perfect for an Ugly Sweater Party" - and it all made sense. So in case you're looking for a way to complete your Ugly Sweater Party ensemble, consider going this route:

The Christmas Season
The countdown is on!  Thanksgiving is over (my recap of the holiday is here), Christmas is less than a month away, and as of tomorrow my children's advent calendars will provide me with a daily freak-out reminder of how little time I have left to turn in my holiday writing assignments; shop for, wrap, and ship gifts; organize two classroom Christmas parties; write and mail our Christmas letter and cards; and finalize details for our Christmas travels.

I don't imagine this saying was originally written about the Christmas season, but when I came across it the other day I immediately thought of how we often lose ourselves in the chaos of preparing for Christmas. There is lots to done between now and Christmas Day, but I've made a promise to myself that no matter how busy or overwhelmed I get, I won't just "survive" this holiday season.  I will not tread water.  I will not, as the saying says, forget how much I have always loved to swim.

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