Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Over! On to Something More Fun.

It's over. The election is over, and the emotionally-charged political television commercials, radio advertisements, and Facebook posts that accompany election season have come to an end. Thank goodness.

I had originally planned to say only that (above) about the election, but after reading more than 100 election-related Facebook posts - many of which infuriated me - last night and this morning, I've decided I need to say more.  

Today is a difficult day for some, a wonderful day for others.  RESPECT THAT.  BE KIND.  If your guy lost, respect and be kind those who believe they made the right choice for our country.  If your guy won, respect and be kind to those who believe that our country would have been better off with someone new in the White House.  And now that the decision has been made, PLEASE, let's stand behind the President of the United States in an effort to make the next four years good ones for ourselves, our families, out communities, and our country.

Moving on.

Now, because today seems like a good day to focus on something fun and uplifting and not at all controversial, here are a few pictures of my adorable kids dressed up for Halloween as the gold Power Ranger and Tinkerbell. The Halloween pictures are followed by a few pictures of those same kids, having a bit of fun on the soccer fields of College Station.

First up, Halloween:
The kids with their "carved" pumpkins.
Hallie and the cupcakes I made for her class.
A close-up of a few of the SEVEN DOZEN
cupcakes I baked and decorated.
Tinkerbell and the Gold Power Ranger.
Captain Hook joins the party.
Next up, soccer season:
Playing defense...
...and making a stellar stop.  Take that, boy with blue socks!
Just a quick sprint.
And another one.  I like taking pictures
of my kids running.
Hallie is unbelievably precise about everything
she does, soccer ball kicking included.
Again with the kids and the running.
I love this picture because it looks like Hallie is juking her coach
(who played for the Aggies and could never be juked by a three-year-old).
She's not.  Not even close.
I love this picture because Hallie's coach looks
like she's having the time of her life.
And I love this picture, just because.
In case you're interested, you can read more about our Halloween celebrations here and more about our crazy, sports-driven fall here.

Happy Day After Election Day!

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