Thursday, September 6, 2012

Everyone Looks Better in a Cowboy Hat

To show their commitment to their lofty goal for the 2012-2013 NFL Football Season - reaching the XLV Super Bowl - many of the Green Bay Packers players wore cowboy hats to their annual Welcome Back Luncheon in Green Bay.

The tradition started and made more sense last year, when the Super Bowl was in North Texas.  This year the Super Bowl is in New Orleans, so while I like the idea of carrying on the tradition, the cowboy hats don't make as much sense as, say, Mardi Gras beads would.

Regardless, it's a perfect blend of my two worlds.
Brian Bulaga
Always one to root for, as he's a former Hawkeye.
Evan Dietrich-Smith 
He scares me a little.
Aaron Rodgers
Oh, Aaron...we love you.
Go Pack Go!


  1. The mustaches are pretty excellent too.

  2. Holy handlebar mustache!

    And, one will continue to root for hawkeyes in the nfl if they do not go to a rival NFC north team. Sorry, bulaga.