Friday, March 3, 2023

High Five for Friday (3.3.23)



I don't get my hair cut or colored very often (my mom trims my hair in between appointments and I just encourage my hair to get blonder in the sun and chlorine during the warmer months of the year), but the time came for a little TLC late last week. It always feels so good to take off a few inches and freshen things up a bit! (Also, I hate selfies but I like my hair enough so share it via a selfie.)


On Wednesday evening we coffee-ed and on Friday morning we brunched, both in celebration of my friend Jenn's most recent trip around the sun. I took zero pictures, so here instead is a picture of one of the things gifted to her for her birthday. (If you recall, I LOVE mine, and I wanted her to have one as well. Hallie called it a very "40 and sad" gift. 😂)

Look how easily it holds three drinks! I'm pretty sure I
convinced the young woman working at Dutch Bros to
buy one for herself during our get-to-know-each-other-
while-I-wait-for-my-drinks chat.


On Saturday morning Hallie started rehearsals for her ballet company's spring show. This wouldn't normally be a high five, but she's been SO excited to get to work on this production and her jubilation leading up to the weekend was contagious.

On Sunday afternoon (and also on the dance front), Hallie went with friends to see Romeo and Juliet at the Houston Ballet. (When we were buying tickets I knew I would need to work that day, so opted to sit this one out.) She had a great time and loved the performance.


Happiness Highlights

Will's orchestra earned a UIL sweepstakes trophy with
first division ratings in both Concert and Sight Reading!

For the first time since Popeye, we have foster babies! This
is Kit (top) and Vivian (bottom) of the Pretty Woman litter. They
are about seven weeks old, and living their best lives quarantined
in my bathroom. More on these sweet girls in an upcoming post!

Holy leg muscles, Batman.


And now for your weekly Lads Update!

On Friday night, the Lads added a much needed three points to their scorecard by topping Magnolia in an away-game win. A little backstory...a couple of weeks ago, the Magnolia parents and Magnolia West parents got in a fight and two moms got arrested. Because of the fight, when we traveled to Mag West, our parents were asked to sit on the away side of the field, rather than on our end of the home side of the field which is how seating usually works at soccer games. (We had ZERO problem with this arrangement, and we actually wish fans were always seated like this.) When we traveled to Magnolia, however, they didn't ask us to sit on the away side of the field...and they probably should have. At best the fans were unpleasant, and sometimes they were downright nasty. Case in point: Will went down with an injury to his already injured ankle, and while he was writhing in pain on the ground, their fans were yelling at him to "grow a pair." When our parents spoke up about the comments, one of their fans suggested we meet them in parking lot after the game to settle things. It was shocking, but is sadly kind of par for the course at youth athletics these days. Thankfully, their players were much kinder and more respectful than their parents.

On Tuesday night the Lads played their crosstown rival - College Station High School - for the second time this year, and this time on CSHS' turf. The stress and anxiety (me and my soccer moms) and excitement (Will and his teammates) leading up to this game was as high as it's been all season, and we channeled those emotions into recruiting fans and decorating (me and the soccer moms) and preparing for a tough battle (Will and his teammates). In the end, the Lads pulled off an incredible victory AND clinched themselves a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2019. There are still three more district games first though...#wegoagain tonight!

(Pics from this game to come - I'm behind on pictures...)

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