Tuesday, February 28, 2023

2023 In, 2023 Out

 A few weeks back, my friend Anne posted this picture on Instagram:

Her caption read, "spent time today making a dent in 2023 pieces of clutter out of the house in 2023. 144 pieces down, just 1879 to go. At least my closet looks better!"

I love decluttering (I commented, "I LOVE THIS" on her post), so I've decided to tackle this challenge as well. I'm kicking things off tomorrow, on March 1st, and I plan to have discarded, donated, or sold 2023 pieces of clutter by December 31st. Here are my rules:

  • Actual trash doesn't count. (If it did, I'd have this challenge wrapped up after just two of three cleanings of Will's room.)
  • Anything besides actual trash can be counted as clutter: clothing, accessories, bags, toys, games, books, magazines, home decor, glassware, dishes, linens, tools, etc.  
  • Anything I've already discarded, donated, or sold - in January or February - doesn't count toward the 2023 items.
  • I can count items I intend to sell at an eventual garage sale as long as they're boxed up and in the garage. Whatever doesn't sell at the garage sale must be donated or sold separately (rather than brought back inside the house), and if we don't end up having a garage sale, everything that was set aside for the sale must be donated or sold separately by December 31st.

I made myself a "fancy" little chart, which opened my eyes to how big of a number 2023 actually is...it'll take two of pages of the chart to get the job done.

After I hang it on the refrigerator, I'm off to declutter!

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