Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Adventures of Plié and Popeye, Episode 4

Because these two have been ridiculously sweet recently...

This guy LOVES being near water. When I'm getting ready in the morning he rubs my ankles until I put him on the counter (he can't jump that high), and then he plays in the sink. 

When he hears the master shower turn off, he comes running to watch the water drip off the door.

When he hears the kids' shower turn off, he comes running so he can lie down in the tub (yes, in the water) and watch the water drip off the curtain.

Will likes to air dry post-shower (he hates drying off with a towel, which is weird because when I was little I also hated the process of drying off), so Popeye's favorite time to snuggle Will is when he's just out of the shower and still dripping wet.

Sometimes he still uses his phantom limb to "scratch" his head. It's adorable.

He still loves riding on shoulders and being carried...and still climbs off as soon as you sit down. He's like an infant who sleeps while you're pacing the floor but wakes up as soon as you sit down.

He also still loves Cheerios. If Hallie is eating Cheerios, he's sitting next to her, asking her to share with him...which she always does.

He's an epic napper, preferring to sleep the day away in Hallie's unmade bed...which she uses as an excuse to not make her bed.

This girl is feisty, but deep down she has a soft heart. (For Tom. And sometimes for the rest of us.) Lately she's become a little friendlier and snugglier, especially with Hallie...when she's in the master bed...on Tom's side. 😂

Look at Kara's face - shock and happiness. "OH MY

She's discovered sunbeams, and likes to spend time with them in the mornings.

These two pipsqueaks like to play hide-and-seek together, but they don't take turns - she's always the hider and he's always the seeker. She's pretty good at the game...him, not so much.

They've brought so much joy into our home.

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