Tuesday, March 8, 2022

40 and Sad

A few months back, Hallie and her bestie, Avery, found somewhere in the depths of Hallie's room a little notebook in which they used to write song lyrics. (Some real winners, I tell you. If you know the girls in person, ask them about "Sweet Honey Bug (is My Favorite Kind of Bug)" and "Herman the Worm - Heaven Version" in particular.)

As Hallie and Avery read through their treasured creations, they reminisced about what they were thinking, feeling, doing, and/or going through when they wrote each song, and with each page their smiles grew larger and their laughter grew louder. 

I called to the girls that it was time to leave, so we all headed out to the garage. As they were climbing into the car, Avery said, "let's hang on to this notebook forever. So that one day, when we're old...when we're 40 and sad...we can read through our songs and be happy again."

I immediately laughed out loud, and I couldn't help but chime in on their conversation. "Avery, OLD?! 40 and SAD?! I'm youthful and happy!" (Liar liar, pants on fire - I'm definitely not youthful and I'm only sometimes happy.) Avery stammered through, as young people often do, an apologetic response. "You're not old! I promise! I'm sorry!" After another good laugh we all moved on, but I promised Avery I'd remember - fondly - this exchange and the saying forever. 

Later that afternoon, when I told Avery's mom/my friend Jenn what Avery had said, Avery added to Jenn, "but you are 40 and sad!" To which Jenn replied, "only because all I do is drive you around!" Much to Avery's chagrin, Jenn agreed with me that the exchange and the saying should be remembered forever. 

So we use it often, I wrote about it here, and Jenn put it on cups that we'll cherish...sorry, Avery...forever.

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