Friday, March 24, 2023

High Five for Spring Break (3.24.23)

Hallie went to school on the Wednesday before spring break, and then we hit the road that afternoon bound for Midland. We returned home on Sunday, ready to enjoy the rest of our break.

Will and Tom - along with my parents - kicked off spring break with a fantastic 8-1 Lads win on Senior Night. My parents left Saturday morning for Arkansas, and the boys spent the weekend playing disc golf, grilling (Tom), and sleeping (Will).

The kids also took care of two families of animals over break: Teaka and Waffle at one house, and Coco, Apollo, Scout, and Princess Leia at another. They were very busy, but they adore animals and don't mind spending some of their break loving on our friends' pets.

Teaka and Waffle waiting for us.

The stupid time change messed with our sleep schedules and meant we were never up as early as we wanted to be during spring break, but we still managed to fit quite a bit of fun!



On Monday, Will, Hallie, and I spent most of our afternoon hiking at Lick Creek Park just outside of College Station. We traversed almost five miles on that beautiful day, and I LOVED being out in nature, talking and laughing with my kids. 


On Tuesday, Will disc golfed with friends while Hallie and I went to Martha's Bloomers in Navasota for tea, shopped the farmers' and artisan market at Lake Walk in Bryan, and took spur of the moment photos in the Indian paintbrushes and bluebonnets on our way home. Hallie wrapped up her evening with a sleepover at a friend's house.


On Wednesday, the kids and I made the drive to Jollisant Farms to pick strawberries. I'd been wanting to take them strawberry picking since they were itty bitty, and this spring break - Will at 16 years old and Hallie at almost 14 years old - we finally made it happen.

Later that afternoon we went to Big Shots Golf - for tee box games, miniature golf, and all the yard games available - with friends. 


On Thursday, Will went disc golfing, Hallie and I went for a bike ride, and then both kids played baseball in the rain for hours while Tom grilled and we all watched our brackets get busted. Hallie and I also spent a few hours turning our strawberries into all sorts of delicious goodies - we made syrup/sauce, jam, and strawberry shortcake for dessert that evening. 


On Friday, the kids and I bought unlimited passes at Grand Station Entertainment and spent the afternoon bowling and playing miniature golf, laser tag, and arcade games before Will headed to soccer practice - time to get ready for the playoffs! - and Hallie headed to a sleepover. 

Tom was in Nebraska from Friday through Monday, so when Will's Friday night plans fell through, he and I finished Psych - which we've been watching forever - and played washers until long past my bedtime. It was the perfect end to the week.


Spring break is never quite long enough, don't you agree? When my kids were little, school breaks felt SO long and I more often than not felt ready to send them back when breaks came to an end. Now that my kids are older, all I want is for them to be around more - I want more time with them. (And I want more time to sleep, to read, to work, to catch up around the house, for bigger house projects, to travel. So basically just more time.)

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