Friday, March 31, 2023

High Five for Friday (3.31.23)


Our time with these sweet babies is coming to an end soon - they're fully vaccinated and spayed, which means it's almost time for them to meet their forever family. We've loved having them in our home (well, in parts of our home...Plié and Popeye hate them, so they've lived exclusively in our master bathroom and bedroom), and wish them a lifetime of happiness climbing onto their new daddy's head while he brushes his teeth and into the shower with their new mama.

The first time she joined me in the shower the water was
off, but after that, the water was always on and it didn't seem
to bother her. She just liked to hang out in there with me. 

Don't tell Plié.

She has ZERO boundaries, does not recognize personal
space, and isn't afraid of anything, including the hairdryer. 

She loves heads and shoulders, and again, has
ZERO boundaries or respect for personal space.

We'll miss them.

A productive afternoon of "working."

One more to hit home the lack of boundaries and personal space.


Our plans for a three-team (JV B, JV A, and Varsity) Consol soccer scrimmage and tailgate followed by Lads night at the Consol baseball game were almost squelched by Mother Nature, but we didn't let the rain stop us! (Well, the rain did stop any actual tailgating, but we still watched the boys scrimmage and then accompanied them to the baseball game.) The baseball players have supported the Lads all season, so it was great for the Lads to return the favor. 

And I won the third inning trivia game by many hot dogs Joey Chestnut ate during last year's Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. 😂


I don't know if Tom has ever been as proud of me as he was last Wednesday night when I "lit" the dungeon for the Lads. I believe his words were, "I'm so proud I could cry."


On Saturday, my dancing girl received her 10-year trophy at her studio's annual awards ceremony. She was expecting this award, but she wasn't expecting to also receive the Senior Award. I'm so proud of her, and proud of myself for not spilling the beans ahead of time so she would be surprised!


Time for your weekly Lads Update!

Last Thursday the Lads took on Belton High School in their first playoff game since 2019, and they ended the night with a 2-0 victory and as Bi-District Champions. Hundreds of people turned out to support the Lads, including my besties and Will's friend, Kaylee. 

Doesn't matter how old you are...everyone
loves a delicious cupcake with a cute ring on top.

Warm up as seen from the press box.

Yes, there's a weird glare on my face, but
this was the best of our 27 attempts at a photo.

A great action shot, captured by Tom.

On Tuesday night, the Lads traveled to Giddings (a neutral location) to take on LASA Austin in the Area Round. Despite being evenly matched with their opponent, the Lads did not have luck on their side...and on that night, the saying "it's better to be lucky than good" dictated the outcome. It was heartbreaking, and while I'll probably write more about it at a later date, I'm not ready to dive into all of that emotion just yet.

Thanks for following along with me this season. #wegoagain next year.

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