Friday, March 17, 2023

High Five for Friday (3.17.23)



We survived our first Regional Dance America (RDA) festival! More to come - Midland was certainly an adventure - in a future post...


My mom (both of my parents, but my mom in particular) went so far above and beyond while Hallie and I were out of town. They came to Texas to watch two of Will's soccer games, but they ended up lending a hand with a couple of organizational projects, driving Will around (his car is in the shop), keeping an eye on Plié and Popeye, helping care for our foster kittens, cooking, cleaning, etc. My mom also helped me navigate a dance-related crisis from afar, baked cookies for the Lads (I always bake for them for home games, so she carried the torch in my absence), AND...she painted my kitchen ahead of some work we're having done in a couple of weeks. I am BEYOND grateful.


Y'ALL. These two are the absolute best: sweet and social, fun and funny, fans of cuddles, and FULL of personality. Fostering is considerably more difficult with Plié and Popeye than it was with Tux, and I think we'll need to give Plié and Popeye breaks in between fosters, but Vivian and Kit (who we call Vivi and either Kitty or Dot - I'm not sure why I feel like her name should be Dot) have been a delight to have around and I'm so glad we opened up our home to babies again. 

Their favorite places: when I crouch down, Vivi climbs
up on my back/neck/head while Kitty asks me to pick her
up and put her on my left thigh, where she snuggles in. 


Happiness Highlights

My (and three friends') March flower subscription -
gorgeous, right? My mom handled pick up of all of
our flowers while we were in Midland.

So happy to celebrate this now 14-year-old, who
I've known and loved for more than a decade. 

She has always found beauty along her path.

Tom has really been flexing his grilling muscles lately,
and luckily, the rest of us get to benefit from his skills!


And now for your weekly Lads Update!

The Lads played their final regular season game last Friday night. I couldn't attend because I was in Midland with Hallie, and while I HATED missing the game, I was so grateful that Tom and friends provided me with updates. My dance mom friends can verify that I was in fact following along - and updating them - as the Lads scored each of their EIGHT goals!

The Lads are headed to the playoffs, and they earned home field advantage for their first game. The details are below - we would LOVE to see you at the game, and if you come, we'll give you one of the "Lads original" 3D printed noisemakers that Tom has been making all season! 


Happy weekend, friends!

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