Friday, March 10, 2023

High Five for Friday (3.10.23)



Last Thursday night we co-hosted (though not at our house) the Lads' team dinner. We chose "breakfast for dinner" as our theme, and fed them four kinds of breakfast tacos with two BBQ sauces and two salsas, cinnamon rolls, fruit, and the drink of champions...chocolate milk. They ate, played indoor soccer, and "rehabbed" by alternating between the (ice bath) swimming pool and hot tub.


On the same night, Tom and Hallie used one of her Christmas presents: tickets to see Legally Blonde the Musical. I had intended to take her, but when we decided to co-host the Lads' dinner, I figured it made more sense for me to handle the food and Tom to handle the musical. If this traveling production is headed your way, both Hallie and Tom highly recommend it!


This happened on Monday:


Happiness Highlights

I didn't get to share this last week (the week got away from me),
so I wanted to share it this week - Will had a great cheering squad
at the CSHS crosstown rivalry game!

When the Lads won, the students started rushing the field. They
were immediately turned around, but it was fun for a few seconds!

Will's coach, in his custom maroon suit, celebrating after
one of the Lads' goals. NO ONE celebrates like Southern.

The Lads at their spring sports pep rally.

Popeye looks forward to grocery (bag) day all week...

...but he usually needs a nap after playing in the bags.
(Popeye LOVES to be held and carried, but he isn't much
of a fan of snuggling once his humans sit down. So when
he wants to snuggle, we snuggle, no matter the position!)

Kit and Vivian are posted for adoption!

Reach out if you'd like to come meet
these absolutely PRECIOUS babies!

On our way to Midland for a weekend
(plus an extra couple of days) of dance!


And now for your weekly Lads Update!

On Friday night, the Lads made it really hard on themselves (1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2) but eventually pulled away and earned themselves a much-needed three points.

On Tuesday night, the Lads traveled to Montgomery. My parents arrived earlier in the afternoon and were able to attend this game (and they'll be able to go to tonight's game as well), but sadly, the Lads fell to Lake Creek. It was their most devastating blow this season, for a number of reasons, but they picked their heads up and #wegoagain tonight, at home to wrap up the regular season! (Sadly, I'll miss this game because I'm in Midland for RDA. It's breaking my heart not to be there with the Lads.)

Happy weekend, friends!

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